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Success Stories

  • Business Success - Lucy L

    Business Success - Lucy L.

    "I've succeeded simply by caring for others."

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  • Business Success - Wendy W.

    Business Success - Wendy W.

    "I'm the owner of an international business!"

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  • Business Success - Joe & Traci H.

    Business Success - Joe & Traci

    "Herbalife has given us financial freedom."

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  • Business Success - Alberto M. & Jeniffer A.

    Business Success - Alberto M. & Jeniffer A.

    “We wanted more…and we got it!”

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  • Business Success - Natalie & Justin N.

    Business Success - Natalie & Justin N.

    "No more living paycheck to paycheck."

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  • Business Success - Scotty M.
  • Weight Management - Eli A.

    Weight Management - Eli A.

    From wheezing up a staircase to training for a marathon.

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  • Weight Management - Michelle S.

    Weight Management - Michelle S

    "Now I can fit into cute clothes!"

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  • Weight Management - Kim F.

    Weight Management - Kim F.

    "I set out to lose 25 pounds, and I lost 40!"

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  • Weight Management - Adam K.

    Weight Management - Adam K.

    "People can't believe I'm 41."

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